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Print this page Seller Lead from sent on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 3:52 PM.
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Contact Information  
Name                                         Day Phone                                        
Email                                         Evening Phone                                        
Cell Phone                                         Best Time to Call Anytime
The Situation
Need to sell your house fast? Yes 
What's the situation? Why Selling? remodel-demolished old and built new from ground up 
How soon do you need to move? n/a 
What type of lead is this?  
What is the priority level of this lead? Unknown 
Property Information
Terre Haute , IN 47807
Vigo County
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Beds  Floors 
Baths  Garage  None 
SqFt  970  Basement  Crawl Space 
Yr Built  2003  Lot Size  5400 
Subdivision    Pool   
Length of ownership? 3 years 
What's property's condition? Excellent 
What kind of repairs are needed? none known 
Estimated cost of repairs $0 
Who is currently living in the house? No - Unoccupied 
Listed with a Realtor? No 
     If yes, how long has your house been for sale? 6 months 
     Listing expires
     Previously listed? Yes
Financial Information
Asking Price $31,000 
Asking Price Determined Appraisal 
    1st Mortgage   2nd Mortgage   3rd Mortgage
Balance $0    
Payment $0.    
Interest Rate 0% Fixed     
Payments Current? Yes
If No, how far behind? $0    
Annual property taxes? $650
PITI included? No
Homeowner/Condo Association Dues? 0
Estimated appraisal value? $31,000
Willing to sell for amount owed? Undecided
Willing to receive your equity in payments? Undecided
Willing to allow takeover of mortgage payments? Undecided
Low price for cash offer? $21,000
How did you hear about us? google
Additional Questions or Comments debt to rebuild on credit card
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